Why is an NHBC warranty important and how does it benefit the construction sector?

Why is an NHBC warranty important and how does it benefit the construction sector?

Whether you’re looking to develop a new-build property from scratch or you are just searching for a reputable construction company, reassurance can go a long way.

For those looking for the highest quality end product, a warranty from the National House Building Council (NHBC) can help to provide a welcome assurance.

Companies like Stephenson and Son, who are experts in delivering new build property, utilise the NHBC warranty benchmark to ensure that they uphold the highest possible standards within the construction industry.

In this article, Stephenson and Son reviews the importance of an NHBC warranty.


Stephenson and Son NHBC

What does an NHBC warranty mean?

NHBC is a UK body that sets the standard for registered builders like Stephenson and Son to deliver and maintain work to the highest possible level.

It provides warranties and insurances for new build properties and helps the UK’s construction industry as a whole to improve the quality of the housing industry.

For those who are looking into owning a new-build home or wish to develop a house from start to finish, NHBC provides protection for homeowners/buyers through a selection of warranty and insurance options.

At the time of publishing this article, NHBC covers over 1.5 million homes across the UK.

A Buildmark covers new-build properties from construction to the 10 years following legal completion by the first owner. In the first two years after legal completion, the builder will fix any issues in the property that are not considered general maintenance or wear and tear.

By Stephenson and Son adhering to the rules and regulations in place by NHBC, homeowners and developers can be safe in the knowledge that their property has been completed to the highest industry standards.

For those looking for a trusted construction company, properties that are covered by an NHBC warranty are less likely to have major problems in the near future.

If you are looking for a trusted construction company for your next new-build property project, contact Stephenson and Son for a free quote and find out how we can help you move your project forward.

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